A Highland microadventure with Pinnacle

A few weeks ago Evans Cycles kindly invited me on a trip to the highlands to help celebrate ten years of their in-house bike brand, Pinnacle.  As you can see we pedalled, pushed and carried our fleet of limited edition Pinnacle Arkose bicycles across some gorgeous countryside.

The weather gods were kind and working with a professional mountain bike guide removed the usual stresses of route finding. Yes it was incredibly tough going at times, but easy shifting electronic gears, hydraulic disc brakes and comfy 45 mm tubeless tyres made up the parts when we could cycle a total joy. After three months riding my beloved – but totally overloaded, heavy and knackered – Surly Straggler, the Arkose was a breath of fresh air. There’s more info about the 10th Year Limited Edition bicycles over on the Evans website.

The other “guests” on this adventure were Katherine Moore, who writes wonderful stuff about women’s cycling on her website katherinebikes.com, and Stuart Wright of Bearbone BikepackingI suspect the trip wasn’t quite miserable enough for him, madman. Emma from West Coast Biking was our guide.

Thanks to James, James and everyone else at Evans Cycles for inviting me. I think its cool that a big cycling brand would invite a fat women to help promote their product, demonstrating that adventures on two wheels are not just for the skinny boys.

P.S. Kinda proud that I got one of my favourite card games, Love Letters, and my shirt from Thunderhawk Brewery (San Diego) in the video.

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