All City Roll Around

Yesterday Pat and Nate from the All City Cycles HQ in Minneapolis and Brian and Dunk from ISON Distribution visited Keep Pedalling. With Shona and Rich busy in the shop, I took the visitors on a quick tour of some of Manchester finest “Victorian Shite” and cycling infrastructure.

After burritos at the place that used to be Pancho’s, we headed up the Bridgewater Canal, bounced along the banks River Mersey for a bit, then along the F’loop (Fallowfield Loop) to pick up the Oxford Road Cycleway, which took us back into town via the Curry Mile and some more pretty “Victorian Shite” courtesy of The University of Manchester. We debriefed with beers at The Britons Protection where we were joined by Shona and Rich, plus a bunch of Manchester’s Finest Gig Economy Food Deliverers.

Amazingly we didn’t crash into any students and were only cut up once in Rusholme.

The route:

One response to “All City Roll Around”

  1. Very good pictures, I hope you can stick to it, cycling is a very happy thing.


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